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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'fake news' genre

"It takes the words of a jester to cut through all the bullshit and strike a chord with the general populace". --Joi Ito. This quote emphasizes the purpose and therefore the style of the fake news genre. 'Fake news' can be categorized as its own genre by its distinct features like satire, appeal to 'average' man, and comedy/humor. 'Fake news' is so misinterpreted by people that don't watch it or judge it because it's a new type of journalism. It's not literally 'fake news'. The news that the Colbert Report and the The Today Show deliver is real. It's the same news that CNN broke out with that day but the delivery is different. It's delivered in a satirical manner and isn't dry like CNN does. It takes the news and what was said or done by these politicians or people in power and puts it in lay-man terms for the general public like college kids who may want to get politically active but can't take the dry delivery of main-stream news. The satire that's used in fake news catches the attention of the audience and although it's entertaining, it's also delivering the news and making an opinion about them. Also, some mainstream news coverages are factual, yes, but they are also biased by what party the news station affiliates with. Fake news is biased too but it doesn't try to hide the fact that it takes a side. It delivers the news and then uses the words of the person to put it in 'honest' terms and not try to sugar coat it like, we as a generation, feel most politicians do. The satire and the sarcastic tone of fake news is just an act; it grabs the audience and the general public but it delivers the news and offers an (debatable) opinion about it either by mocking it or supporting it.
The appeal that fake news has a genre is that it uses the style of speech that people who are just getting into voting or politics in general want to hear or can understand. Everyone can understand blunt and obvious sarcasm and the terms that fake news uses are average and not meant to confuse those who listen. It's honest news in a style that people like us can understand. Some argue that this is bad but I don't see the reason why it's bad. It's getting those who would not be involved into today's politics to listen to what's going on and most importantly, understand it. I can understand CNN but their tone makes them sound superior to us at times and makes me want to zone out of them. Having the comedy, sarcasm, and somewhat simple speech in 'fake news' helps the audience understand the events and situations going on which ultimately helps them form an opinion about politics and politicians.


428thMP said...

I don;t understand because I used the example off the newsrooms who used voice overs or cut ot certain parts and didn't credit the true producers. It looks like you used the JOhn Stewart and Crossfire show. So I'm a bit confused, good paper though. You made some points about misinterpretation and it not being fake news literally, so yea, it was fine, comment on mine plz.


Josh Zumbro said...

I Like your paper, it took a different stance on the idea of Fake News. I found your paper not only to cover all the points that were needed but it was also very discriptive. Good Job