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Thursday, January 31, 2008

research exercise #1

  • Topics you will be researching: protesting "Made in China" products
  • Database used: Wilson Select Plus
  • Terms Entered: China and Human Rights
  • Article Title: China: From Democracy Wall to the Shopping Mall & Back
  • Journal Title: New Perspectives Quarterly
  • Author: Nathan Gardels
  • Volume, date, page #: Vol. 24, 12/5/2007
  • Additional Information: This article will be very useful for my paper because it focuses on why big stores in America like Wal-mart and Target use China as the people who make their products which is what I need. Also, it talks about how China got to this point and why all the media concern about them using rat poison in some products will decrease the popularity of their cheap products.

1 comment:

Andrea Stemaly said...

This is a big, challenging topic, but you sound motivated, so I can't wait to see what you discover! I also like the angle in which you are approaching this from. With the activity, I was looking for an indication of everyone having read a bit of their sources, which would show within the use of paraphrasing. This would also give me the chance to ensure everyone was doing this correctly!:)