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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Research Exercise 2

ENGL 1050
Research Exercise #2-Protesting products made in China to support human rights
Topic Choices: "Made in China" and "human rights"

Works Cited
Fernandez, Donna S. "How One Family Came to Boycott China." U.S. Catholic Library 61 (1996): 32-37. ProQuest. Western Michigan University. 06 Feb. 2008.

This article talks about how one single family started reading about human rights violations by products made in China so they decided to try and boycott buying them. They explained companies that have started boycotting China as well and how their little boy is doing it too. However, majority of businesses use it because it's easier and individuals don't know how to boycott it so the latter portion focuses on this.

There is clearly a significant amount of abuse by China in making these products. The worst part of this is that they were using children to make toy products and other household items. In the article How One Family Came to Boycott China Donna Fernandez cites that "3.3 billion worth of toys are made in China" (32) during 1991. I thought that this product just came out recently but it's been going on since past the '90s and families like this see the problem and are trying to help on a local basis. However, this article by Fernandez shows hope by some big companies such as Levi's that has stopped to do business with China after being aware of the fact that they use children for the products. Obviously, sweat shops and the dangerous conditions are hazardous for Children but what's even more hazardous to them are the mass want of the products they are making which has them working 24/7. Why won't America make the products here? It's easier to use China because it bypasses tests of products through the EPA. Just like blood diamonds, every product you hold that's made in China has the potential of being the product that finally exhausted a 5 year old child worker to its death.

This is my final topic choice.

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