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Thursday, March 13, 2008

active vs passive worksheet

Active Voice vs. Passive Voice

Rewrite the following sentences to give them an active voice.

1. The check was given to the waitress by Steve.

The waitress gave Steve the check.

2. It was recommended that the policy be changed.

Someone recommended to change the policy.

3. A study of the problem was made by Jenny.

Jenny studied the problems.

4. The tower was hit by a bolt of lightning.

Lightning hit the tower with a bolt.

5. The fly ball was caught by Jose.

Jose caught the fly ball.

6. It was overheard that some people will leave the company.

Some people might leave the company.

7. The donation is to be given by Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith is supposed to give a donation.

8. The gold was discovered by a rancher in Wyoming.

A rancher in Wyoming discovered gold.

9. The check was written for an amount of one million dollars.

Someone wrote the check for one million dollars.

10. Several donations are going to be made by the family.

The family will make several donations.

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