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Thursday, March 20, 2008

article for analysis paper


This article picks a thesis, a point he wants to get across which is that there is more fans for Brett Favre than other quarterbacks. This is not necesarily my thesis, mine will be that he is the greatest quarterback of our modern time. This paper provides sections on why the fans love him and how they show it. He then analyzes why all of these evidence shows that this love fans have for him is the best in the NFL community. This is a good analysis because although it's short it shows me his evidence, interviews, his background information on why the fans love brett and then ultimately he ties it all up to his analysis of why this matters and why the actions of these fans prove that their passion for him is unbeatable in other communities of other NFL teams.

source: TIME magazine article
database searched: InfoTrac

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428thMP said...

I love how you rewrote that, it was funny and so true, good job!!