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Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Definition" paragraph

  • "the middle class"
  • Around the 1950's in America, a rise of 'nuclear' type families in suburbs came about. Pictures of perfect families in perfect small towns with picket-fences lining the perfect houses. This is where the origin of the term "middle class" became popular. When suburbian families came about so did stereotyping the people who live in different areas (city, suburbs, and farm/rural areas). The stereotype of the 'middle class' came from. Economically, the middle class could have come from the 50's too when the gap between the wealthy and the poor lessened with a middle class because of a rise in population. The middle class can be defined as a group of people within a bigger population like a state that is economically safe but not too rich and usually live just outside bigger cities. It's different from the higher class because they don't have too many luxuries and usually have families unlike people in the bigger cities. However, it is definitely not part of the lower class since they live in typically nice suburbs with enough money to support families. It can be classified under words to describe the economy or the living conditions in countries like the United States.

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