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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Topic Sentence Worksheet Outline

The subculture of “stoners, potheads, and burnouts” has been modified throughout the years and sometimes do not meet the old stereotypes

1st Topic/supporting points:

The theory that all stoners are lowlives and inactive in their schools is false. People become stoners due to excess use of marijuana or other drugs but this doesn’t mean they are inactive or lazy like the old stoner stereotype used to portray. Most stoners in today’s world do average to excellent in school and with their GPA. One person I talked to in my research is majoring in biology, going pre-med and is on the Dean’s list. This doesn’t sound like a burnout does it? Some people use marijuana to relieve themselves from the stress of having to do good in school.


Not only did the stereotype of being a burnout change but so did the style of stoners.

2nd Topic/supporting points:

Stoners do not always dress in baggy pants and loose tie-dye shirts anymore. They are not even grungy. The newest kind of stoners range greatly in their style and attire. Some of them still do dress in the hippie attire but others can dress like preps or goths. Probably the most shocking thing people see about stoners are stoners dressed in Hollister head to toe. They can be tan with platinum blond straight hair. It does not matter as much anymore if you look like a stoner as long as you are getting the fix of marijuana you desire. A whole group circled around a bong could include someone dressed in their cheerleading outfit, their punk spikes, or their band’s shirt.


Whether you dress in Hollister tattered jeans or you have your all-black attire on, marijuana is your bond to be a stoner. Other things that could bond you are the hobbies you share. These hobbies are no longer just smoking pot and watching T.V. all day.

3rd Topic/supporting points:

Stoners vary in their main hobbies these days. Stoners can include a bunch of preppy girls very active in school that smoke frequently to have fun after school’s out. Stoners could be the kid that you cheat off from class because you know they always get an A. Even some nerds add getting stoned to their list of to do list almost every day to relieve stress or ‘think better’.

What is a good device to use to introduce this essay?

I feel that a quote might be a good attention getter for this essay to introduce the ‘new’ type of stoner these days. I could then follow up with some background of how stoners used to be.

An effective way to conclude this essay is to make the point that a lot of people can be stoners since the use of pot has increased. A statistic to show this would be effective

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Andrea Stemaly said...

While you can definitely bounce back and forth from misconception to truth within each point, be sure to specify that in your thesis. So, rather than just saying you'll write about what stoners aren't, mention what you will say they are.