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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Project Proposal

My topic will focus on arguing why consumers in America should boycott products made in China. Majority of products that Americans use are made in this country. There might be nothing wrong with this except for how these products are being made. Products made in China are made through child labor and sweatshops abusing human rights. The body of my paragraph will detail the problems and human rights abuse making these products cause, the effect it has on consumers and basically "why" we should care, and lastly, I will offer a solution that will show Americans that even though it seems hard, boycotting these 'blood-stained' products is actually very doable. Most of the research I've found have been in articles since it's a more recent problem. I will focus more on evicting emotion from the reader to argue my point but for the logical readers, I will show how even though it seems simpler and cheaper to use China to make products, in the end, it will do the economy worse. It's common knowledge that made in China products are not made that purely but some historical background of how harsh the production of toys, clothes, etc actually is will be given; it will actually lead on to my first point which is the problem and the abuse of human rights.


Andrea Stemaly said...

I like that you've given consideration to just how the historical background will tie in with your first supporting point, but as I was reading this, I was wondering about the use of counterarguments. Have you devised those yet?

Josh Zumbro said...

I think that this topic sounds very intersting. I like how you are talking about the history of this problem as well as targeting the prblems that are effecting them currently. I have an idea for a counterargument, you may want to mention how boycoting thoes products will afect their econmy.

~*Camille*~ said...

thanks for the help josh!