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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thoughts on Class Structure

  • I feel that writing and submitting homework into assignments on blogs is not altering the content or thought into my work. However, it does have to be approached with caution. It's hard for me sometimes to write stuff into 'formal' thoughts on a blog. Sometimes I feel the way I write stuff on my blog is how I'd write stuff on facebook instead of for an English class so then I have to go back and make it casual but decent for an English class. I
  • don't think the responses to the posts have been very beneficial because they are general comments that don't sway an assignment one way or another. Maybe if there was a guide or tips on how to comment better, they would be beneficial but right now, at least for me, it's not that beneficial. I can say that my comments probably are not that helpful either because sometimes I just don't know what to say besides good topic or good job.
  • It's hard for me to become aware of the audience when I feel that no one is reading my blog rather than if someone had my paper or homework in class reading it or being in a classroom setting with the teacher there. However, I do see the purpose of my writing better since I have to do more research and thought into my purpose because there is no teacher/classroom resource to use.
  • Although it's nice to meet only once a week, I would not recommend this very type of teaching later on. I would probably keep the blog aspect but have a part of the classroom still open in case students want a teacher's help or would prefer not to just 'blog' something. The thing I don't care for with blogs is the loss of human interaction so maybe keep the blog for posting stuff because it is nice to just type instead of write but I would have shorter class hours both days or offer office hours to students. Overall, I like it but I feel that there's a loss of human interaction that some people might like for learning.

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Andrea Stemaly said...

Thanks for your feedback, and I can definitely see the aspect of the lost human contact, along with the immense potential learning that can occur.
And just so you know, I always read your posts!